Cucufate Restaurant

Complete renovation project for a restaurant.

A madness come true, a project with a complete renovation, where the common thread was music, textures and trompe l'oeil.

As a base an abandoned house, in which music becomes the epicenter of the design. From the imposing dj table in the center of the room, the music comes to life in the form of neon led, crossing the room and giving life to everything in its path.

An eclectic style with classic dyes, bathe this restaurant, along with unique works of art that seem to have been on the walls for decades.

A staging full of textures and color, trompe l'oeil and a bathroom where madness becomes reality, an explosion of life in the form of plants, cylindrical cabins with a mirrored effect, and a paper covering the walls that leaves no one indifferent, make this room an experience you will not forget.

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